Generating lots of clicks will not guarantee you leads or revenue, but a fully optimised sales funnel combined with retargeting ads will bring those potential customers back to your brand. Prospective customers may need more time to make a decision, our goal is to keep your brand fresh in their minds


What Is PPC?

PPC (Pay-per-click) refers to programs in which companies pay online search engine companies (such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing) to display their advertisements. The advertisers only pay when someone clicks on an ad, which is why it’s called ‘pay-per-click.’
Our goal is to produce the most amount of clicks for the least amount of budget, to drive the most amount of leads and ROI to your healthcare business. It is a valid advertisement way for addiction treatment centres, dentistries, private surgeries, mental health practices and more.

Unlike SEO, PPC is an instant solution which provides additional traffic and revenue for your business.

Our PPC Services

There are a number of things to consider when implementing a PPC strategy such as the ad platform (Google, Bing etc..), the different types of keywords and their search intent, the ad text and landing page, and the appropriate delivery time of the ads. Below you will find a breakdown of our services.

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Local PPC

If you’re a local dentistry, chiropractor or cosmetic surgeon, the bulk of your customers will likely be searching for your services within close proximity to your business. In fact, data shows that 80% of local searches convert, and nearly 50% of searches performed on Google are for local businesses.

If you’re a local business, targeting potential customers close by should be your number one priority. We will create the perfect PPC campaign for your healthcare business.

We use a number of ad platforms such as Google Ads (adwords) and Bing ads to create local campaigns and continuously tweak them for optimal clicks and leads.

“Our data-driven approach to content strategy allows us to map out thousands of pages into content ideas and topics. We then produce optimised page plans that are tailored to your target audience and their search intent.”

Jason Shiers

Founder & CEO


Remarketing is a way of showing ads to people who have already visited your website. It allows you to retain customer interest in your products or services, which is especially valid in the healthcare industry including for surgical practices, addiction treatment centres, pension firms, health insurers and more.

Remarketing has a much higher click-through rate than traditional PPC because potential customers have already shown an interest in your business offering.

We can display dynamic ads based on visit history, and entice potential customers over the finish line.

Campaign & Ad Optimisation

Are you concerned about your ROI with existing campaigns? Are you spending lots of money and generating very few clicks? Perhaps you are generating lots of clicks but the phones are not any busier?

We’ll help you optimise your PPC campaign, landing pages and sales funnels to help reduce ad spend and drive higher conversions.

Landing Page Optimisation

Are your PPC landing pages optimised for mobile? Are they engaging and instil confidence? Can the visitor access all relevant information so they can make an informed decision about your products or services?

We create highly customised, data-driven landing pages to test what works for your potential customers (A/B split testing). We incorporate media such as video or animation to demonstrate your product offering and instil confidence in your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PPC costs consist of a management fee plus your ad budget. Over time we optimise your ad campaigns optimal clicks and leads. The cost of each click will depend on the keyword competitiveness. We charge a flat management fee of £750 per month.

Absolutely. Our team of PPC experts will continuously monitor and tweak your campaigns for optimal ROI. Additional traffic and revenue from PPC campaigns can easily be tracked and verified. In conjunction with PPC, we always recommend building your traffic organically with our SEO solutions.

To increase conversions, we recommend optimising your ads and landing pages around one or two keywords. User search intent is key here, and while it’s tempting to use keywords with the highest search volume, generic keywords may have more than one search intent.


Long tail keywords (keywords with 3 or more words) may have lower search volume, but they typically cost less per bid and are more relevant to the user’s search intent.

Yes, we manage Facebook ads and retargeting campaigns. This is covered within our social media management services.



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